G Scale Garden Railroading

G Scale Trains or The Garden Railroad represents one of the biggest sizes and flavors of the model train world, and yet this vibrant and unique niche is often underserved and relatively small when compared to the wider ranging offerings of the more common HO scale and O scale trains. The G in G scale doesn’t come from the word garden, it actually references the German word for big which is “gross”, as in “gross bahn” or big train.

Many model railroaders enjoy the large 1:22.5 scale that is characteristic of G scale. As the name “Garden Railroad” suggest, there is a strong outdoor component to G scale railroading. These large scale model trains are frequently used to add dramatic highlights and novelty to garden and large outdoor settings. Because of the common and expected indoor - outdoor use, large garden scale trains have a durability and resilience to the outdoor elements that other smaller scale indoor models do not.

The concept of G scale trains was really brought to prominence by Ernest Paul Lehmann, the German manufacturer was an early proponent of the large trains and they came to be known as the Lehmann Gross Bahn, which is German for Lehmann big train. Lehmann Gross Bahn is now commonly known world wide as LGB, a manufacturer  that has come to be almost synonymous with Garden railroads and G scale locomotives.

The large trains are a good fit for younger children because there larger size makes them easy to handle. Also, the absence of smaller parts that could be dangerous to children with the choking hazard that they present is another positive characteristic that makes G scale model railroads much more child friendly than some of the other more smaller and delicate scales.

Of course G scale railroading is not exclusively under the purview of youngsters. In fact, the hobby has a great appeal for adults and many of the more elaborate and detailed locomotives and rolling stock seems to be tailored for the serious adult collector with corresponding serious adult prices to match.

A major factor of Garden railroading is the necessity for all large Area to run extensive layouts and trains. Many of us simply don't have the space for such a large and permanent endeavor. We can still enjoy the occasional seasonal large scale layout that is almost traditional in many homes during the winter holidays. But for those who do have the means to construct and accommodate such a space hungry commitment, great dedication and enjoyment seem to go hand in hand with the time space and capital outlay, perhaps making it all worth the price.

LGB Trains


LGB stands for Lehmann Gross Bahn, which translates from German to "Lehmann Big Train". As the iconic brand, LGB is generally known as being responsible for the resurgence of garden railroading around 1968 and into the early 70s. Through ingenuity and persistence, Lehmann Gross Bahn began to diversify their line from a small core of product offerings to many more choice models based on various railroads from around the globe.

USA Trains

USA Trains

USA Trains is a noted and well regarded manufacturer of G scale model trains. This unique company evolved out of what  was originally called the Charles Ro Supply Company. As a model train enthusiast, and eventually the largest Lionel train dealer in the United States, the family run business of Charles Ro senior expanded out of a small chain of 4 beauty shop hair salons to eventually manufacturing and selling his own line of trains.

Bachmann G Scale Trains


Originally founded over 150 years ago and manufacturing anything from eyeglass frames, sunglasses to submarine battery caps for the military; Bachmann finally entered the model trains market under the brand name Plasticville USA, making snap together buildings for model train layouts. The Hong Kong manufacturer, Kader Industrial  collaborated and eventually acquired the company, making Kader the world’s largest model train manufacturer.


Aristocraft, also recently acquired by Kader, specializes in G scale railroading trains and products. Starting as a family business owned by the Polk family, the company began to make it’s mark in the large scale model train niche. We are proud to offer access to some of the Aristocraft products from GscaleTrainCenter.com; especially since the original Polk family owned company went out of business as 2014 began.

Everyday Large Scale Model Trains Announcement Update

The jadeite stone is a beautiful glowing translucent emerald green in color and it measures 26mm by 17.7mm by 10mm. The size 9 1/2 ring boasts a total weight of 16.6 dwt. Two 18th century Qing Dynasty Chinese porcelain vases, both holding the six-character archaic...

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Lgb 22801 Dr Steam Loco

DR Steam Loco, 99 6001 by LGB Collection Item This powerful locomotive was built by the Krupp locomotive works in 1939 as a prototype for a standardized narrow-gauge locomotive. Using superheated steam, it could pull trains up to 80 metric tons (88 U.S. tons) up a 3%...

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Lgb 21570 – New York Central F7a Diesel Engine – Ln

LGB 21570 - New York Central F7A Diesel Engine - Like New... The engine is in excellent condition... There are no missing or broken parts... There are no scratches or blemishes... Limited Edition... "G" Scale... This engine comes from the factory with an installed...

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Bachmann Gold Rush Gig Haulers Train Set G Scale

Train has never been out of the box. A great add to any collection. Email with any questions Check Out This Great Listing Now Current Price: $309.69 [phpbay keywords="bachmann set" num="8" siteid="1" category="19151" customid="a2phpbay" sortorder="EndTimeSoonest"...

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Usa Trains G-scale F3a Diesel Locomotive Parts

This is a parts lot. It is USA Trains G-scale F3A locomotive. The loco was in the process of repainting when it was found. It is incomplete and sold as parts. Tested and the train ran perfectly. All lights worked. We did not test smoke but the 2 smoke generators are...

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