After working for almost 7 years in the model trains niche, we here at Gscaletraincenter.com noticed that there was a large portion of the hobby market that was being underserved. It became glaringly obvious that the large scale train collectors were really being looked over or neglected when compared to smaller HO scale or O scale model trains.

Much of this was due to practical considerations especially when considering peoples ability to participate in the hobby. Space is a premium, running a G scale layout is not really an option. Also, the expense of larger scale trains both in the real estate required to run them and the cost of the individual components cars and locomotives can be very prohibitive. Home ownership is almost a requirement for running a large G scale layout, simply from a standpoint of the space needed to do so. Add in an economic downturn or two and it's easy to understand the dearth of G scale websites and information.

But even with all these things working against it, the hobby of garden railroading remains as appealing as it ever was, and those who enjoy it, even though they may not be rich or extremely wealthy, are becoming increasingly resourceful in finding good deals and smart bargains to practice their hobby.

With all of the above in mind, we created this site to provide a convenient resource for G scale model railroaders. Resources like this have become even more important now that eBay has changed their model train categorization scheme. Looking for trains of a particular model or company has become increasingly difficult since this category change. Here at Gscaletrain center.com however we aim to make it easy for you to find what you want, thus we have preserved the categorization by train company as well as training type. We hope you enjoy it and we hope you find the site useful, Please take time to bookmark it if you do and we will aim to continuously improve things for you here.

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