Jones will have the whole scene up and running this weekend. This scene shows a campsite and a station for one of Jones’ tracks in his yard. In total he has over 200 feet of line that goes around various garden areas and plants. Another scene shows the train going through a meadow, an actual part of Jones’ lawn that fits into the landscape of the miniature world. Residents and visitors to Niwot this weekend will get a special treat if they swing by 8008 Pebble Road. Curtis Jones will be running his G Scale model train in his front yard, an attraction that draws people from all over the area. Named the John Galt Line after the character in Ayn Rand’s classic novel, Atlas Shrugged, Jones has 220 linear feet of track for the trains that are roughly the size of an adult forearm. “I started doing this because we have a pond in the front yard and I decided that a fake P51 (fighter jet) needed to be crashed into the pond for a decoration,” Jones said. “My wife was not amused. So she bought me a beginner train set up. It was about 15 feet of track, basically a loop around a tree.

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