That was good for about a year, and it grew from there,” he said. Tusen is the bonsai expert at Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, so he is well-versed in the care of miniatures. Although the trees in his railroad garden are not true bonsai — which by definition must be grown in pots — they are tended with similar techniques. The trees need little care now that they are preparing for the dormant season, but in the spring Tusen can easily spend two hours a night, several nights a week, pruning the little trees so they’ll grow to look like their bigger counterparts. A variety of rocks and fossils fill the spaces in the garden. Tusen said he bought the majority of his trees and some of his rocks, including the sandstone, from Mulberry Creek. “The sandstone stuff is from an old church in Huron. It was the foundation. When the church came down, we loaded it up, took it to Mulberry Creek, and made three big piles. There are one and a half still there,” he said.

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